Parts of Needle

Surgeons prefer ideal suture according to the wound dehiscence, wound size, types of the suture to achieve the good outcome. The needle used suture in all types of surgical wound closure.

Characteristic of an ideal needle are as follows

The Needle should be rigid and must not bend when it is used.

It must compatible and long enough to hold with the appropriate needle holder

The needle should be uniform and is a good structure to retrieve from the tissue without damage of tissue

Less trauma to the tissue

Good pointed tip with sharp cutting edges makes the user use it with comfort.Parts of Needle

Cutting Needle

Reverse Cutting Needle

Round body needle

Taper point

Taper cut

Prime needle


Surgical Needle Parts 

Needle consist of three parts of its own


Needle tip (Point)

Swage or Needle eye

Needle tip

Needle tip of the needle is used to introduce into the tissue or skin with needle tip point. The Needle tip vary like

At the tip of the needle to body

The circumference may differ and diameter also will increases

Parts of Needle

The needle tip helps in penetration of the needle into the tissue.


The body of the needle is the main part which is strong enough to hold with a needle holder. It helps the needle hold the needle with grip and enhance the needle penetration. The body of the needle has a unique diameter.

Swage or Needle eye

In the traditional needles in which is used in the starting stage has the needle eye. Some of the surgical needle with eyes are using in some cases.

The swaged needle reduces trauma, tissue damage, reduces time when compared to traditional needle type.Parts of Needle

The traditional needle problem is every time need to connect the thread/suture to the needle.

The readily available swaged needle used directly after sterilization comes in sterile packs.

The sterile pack with the customized pack

Point cutting-edge techniques used in swaged needle

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