Radiant Warmer in Hyothermia

The Radiant Warmer used to maintain the normal core temperature of the patients to prevent the patients from the hypothermia.

The warmer consist of the warming unit with the air supply pipe with/hose corrugated pipe with the sensor connected to the warming console.

The warming blanket connected to the patient, which covers the whole parts of the body and connected to the warming device via air supply corrugated pipe/hose.

The control panel located on the warming device. Different core temperature setting and on/off switch available on the device

To maintain the temperature for the patients undergone surgery or anesthesia.


To prevent the hypothermia and maintain the body temperature of the patients.

The temperature regulation helps the patients to stabilize with thermal comfort.

To manage pediatric patients and adult patients

The device helps in the prevention of hypothermia and reverse the decrease in core temperature.

Parts of Equipment 

Normal Thermoregulation device consists ofRadiant Warmer

Power switch


on / off switch

Temperature setting button with a different set of values

power indicator

Airflow indication

temperature display

over temperature alarm with red light

Duration of airflow supplying

Do not apply in the Patients with a complaint of ischemic limbs.
In the patients aortic cross-clamping, these devices contraindicated to apply on the lower extremities to prevent thermal injury.

How to use the Radiant Warmer

Use the Thermal regulation device in a safe and reliable way to enhance the outcome of the patients.
Do not apply for the long duration of time without any monitoring of temperature.
stop whenever patients temperature is normal in condition.
Do not apply to the patients with transdermal medicationRadiant Warmer
stay with pediatric patients for continuous monitoring
Keep away the console from the acetone and ether solution.

  • Connect the Device with the well-grounded receptacle.
  • Switch on the on/off switch present at the lower part of the Device.
  • Switch on the machine check with Green light is on or not.
  • Testing alarm and calibration starts on the equipment, its take 30 seconds to perform of its own.
  • cover and spread the recommended blanket on the patients according to the patient’s position
  • Set the core temperature to deliver to the patients and start the waring device
  • Check with the air about the warm air or cold at the end of the connector.

After checking to connect the hose port to the blanket and secure with the strap/tie given with the blanket.
before application of the blanket apply the bedsheet over the patients to cover, to avoid thermal injury.
Direct contact of the hose providing the warm is contraindicated. This may cause thermal burn or injury.

Types of Warmer blanket

Over body blanket
Adult warmer blanket
Pediatric warming blanket.

Fluid warming blanket

Underbody warming blanket
Lithotomy warming blanket
Monitor the patients with core temperature.
Warming console equipped with the air filter to control room pollution.
use only manufacturer recommended products
Reduce the temperature setting according to the patients’ temperature.
Do not try to disconnect the console when using
The alarm of over temperature start blinking and alarm activated automatically.

PrecautionsRadiant Warmer

Any problem in equipment call Service biomedical engineer or service engineer of the manufacturer
Read the company recommended the manual for better understanding for calibration, continuity check, leakage test.

Do not disconnect the power cord on use
Monitor the temperature every 15 minutes according to the protocol.
monitor the patient’s vitals and record the temperature on the chart.
Adjust the temperature setting according to the increase or decrease in temperature
Discontinue the warming device when the target temperature achieved

Power off the console using on/off switch
disconnect the hose from the blanket
remove the warming blanket from the patients.

Cleaning and maintenance

Clean the equipment with a water-based disinfectant solution and do not use the solution on the electrical receptacles
do not use the alcohol-based solution or solvents to clean.
use only recommended the solution for the console.

Monthly periodical checking and calibration must be done to avoid the damage or error in the machine.

Change in the air filter, the sensor must be changed periodically.

Regular check-up of the safety alarm and disconnection in the power receptacle is monitored

Any malfunction or error shows contact the service engineer, don’t try to open or repair of yourself.

Read the manual in full before using the machine for better handling.

keep in normal room temperature and humidity level to avoid bad performance of the machine.

Thermoregulation During Surgery and In ICU

During surgery Body fluids and cellular fluids makes the low body temperature. The temperature in Operating room 18-21 ºC to reduce the infection from microbes, it is low when compared to normal temperature. To stabilize the normal core temperature warm fluids and radiant warmer is used. To correct and maintain the body temperature Radiant warmer used during surgery, after confirming the temperature of the body.

In ICU the 18-21 ºC to be maintained. In pediatric patients, the temperature can be increased up to 24ºC.


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