Foley’s Catheter

Foley’s Balloon Catheter with 2-way & 3-way
Urinary tract catheter for short or long term urine drainage. Siliconized smooth surface & distal eyes with super smooth eyes for non-traumatic intubation. With ultra-thin high elastic balloon. Hard non-return valve ensures trouble free inflation and deflation of the balloon. Sterile, Individually packed in a peel able blister pack. The foley’s catheter used and should changed on appropriate date/time.

2-way (Natural Latex Rubber)

Item Code Size Balloon Capacity (CC)
8 FG
10 FG
12 FG
14 FG
16 FGfoley's catheter
18 FG
20 FG
22 FG
24 FG

26 FG

3-way (Natural Latex Rubber)

Item Code Size Balloon Capacity (CC)

16 FG

18 FG
20 FG
22 FG
24 FG
26 FG

Urethral Catheter

Used for urine drainage. made from non-toxic, non-irritant medical grade PVC compound.
Distal end with 2 lateral eyes for maximum drainage & proximal end with funnel shape connector for easy connection to a urine bag.
Sterile, Individually packed in the peel able pack

14 FG 10 FG

Urine Collection Bag with Measured Volume meter

With measured volume meter for measurement of urine input.
2000ml Urine Bag and 250ml Urine Bottle. Urine Bottle is directed to a urine bag as to avoid any possibility of contamination.
Push/Pull type bottom outlet for convenient emptying of urine bag.
Sterile, Individually packed in peel able pouch pack.

Infant Feeding Tubes, Sterile

Infant Feeding tube is used for neonates and pediatric feeding.
Manufactured from non-toxic, medical grade PVC compound.
The distal end is smooth coned shape for non-traumatic intubation.foley's catheter
Two lateral eyes for efficient drainage.
The tube is marked at 20 cm from the distal end for accurate placement into the abdomen
The radio-opaque line provided throughout the tube for X-ray visualization.
The proximal end is provided with Luer mount for connection with feeding device.
Sterile, Individually packed in the peelable blister pack.

5 FG Grey
6 FG Green
7 FG White
8 FG Blue
9 FG Orange
10 FG Black


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