Deep Vein Thrombosis Machine

DVT Machine

To increase the venous blood flow to the risk patients in order to prevent deep vein thrombosis & pulmonary embolism
Confirm the proper positioning or applying of cuffs
make sure that there is no kinking or twisting of a sleeve, therefore, it will restrict the airflow from the DVT generator
the sleeve should be removed if the patients are having following problems
2.tingling sensation

Contraindicationdvt machine

Any local leg condition is which sleeves would interfere such as a)Dermatitis b)vein ligation(immediate post ligation)
c) gangrene d) recent skin graft
Severe arteriosclerosis or another ischemic vascular disease
Massive edema of legs or pulmonary edema from congestive heart failure
Extreme deformity of legs
Suspected pre-existing deep vein thrombosis

Instruction for use

Prepare the sleeve for applying
place the cuffs in the center of the patient’s legs (calf) behind the leg covering the proximal part of the legs starting above from the ankle and below the knee
Wrap it securely around the patient’s leg, using the securing sleeve tightening straps
wrap calf parts securely attaching the hook edges to the sleeve section
the sleeve should be secured fit to the leg not too much of tight.
for the confirmation of the insert the two finger into the sleeve after applying
don’t position the sleeve at the pressure points

For using the sleeves in single legs
connect the corresponding legs
one unused sleeve will be attached to the attachment let leave it free remain in the Pack connected.

Procedure to operate the DVT

connect the sleeve to the legs as per instructions
connects the sleeve connector to the DVT generator
make sure the connection is correct
switch on the on/off switch of the machine
one complete cycle of the period gradient compression followed by the decompression period
set the pressure needs to be delivered 35mm hg-45 mm Hg
use the sleeve/cuffs until it gets stained or damaged
Dispose of the used/soiled in a degradable container according to Waste management protocol.
Operating the machine

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