Artery Forceps

It is the main and essential instruments in the surgical instrument tray. The main purpose is for controlling bleeding and for the retraction of tissues, skin etc. Artery forceps are otherwise called as Haemostatic forceps.

The hemostat used to blocks the flow of blood and tips close the blood vessels. Its also used to hold the tissue and skin.

Types of Artery Forceps

  • Spencer Well’s forceps ( curved & Straight)
  • Mosquito forceps – Halsted ( curved & Straight)
  • Heiss forceps
  • Hartmann forceps Artery Forceps
  • Pean forceps
  • Kocher forceps
  • Crile forceps
  • Tuffier forceps


It has a ratchet and two blades with uniform serrations, Transverse serration is present only at the tip.

The locking box used flexible use of the forceps and the finger ring is used for the holding the forceps during the surgery.

Spencer Well’s artery forceps ( curved & Straight)

It used to control bleeding during surgical procedures.

Artery forceps used in the application and controlling bleeding in veins and artery. The curved forceps indicated commonly in all the surgery.

Straight forceps used to hold the stay suture to hold the vessels and intestinal structure.

Pedicle clampsArtery Forceps

Curved forceps with the transverse serrations are present throughout both the side of the blade. The main purpose of this artery is to clamp the splenic artery and renal artery ligation after the fine dissection.

Mosquito artery forceps – Halsted ( curved & Straight)

The forceps are used to hold and ligate the small bleeder and hold the small structure, It widely used in all the open and MIS surgery.

Kocher forceps

Kocher forceps also look like the Spencer Well’s forceps only difference is at the tip Traumatic tooth will be present. It is available in Both Straight and Curved forceps.

Heiss artery forceps

Heiss forceps are the Fine and long straight forceps used for the fine dissection in the surgery like nephrectomy and adrenalectomy.

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