Urometer -closed urine measuring system

Urometer-Urine collection bag and meter used mainly for the patients with Urinary catheter for the collection of urine.


Diagnostic Purpose

  • Monitoring of urine output (bedside and  long surgical procedure )
  • Imaging purpose(KUB)

Therapeutic indicationsurometer

  • Acute urinary retention
  • Chronic urinary retention(hematuria)
  • Initiation of continuous bladder irrigation
  • Intermittent decompression of bladder
  • Prolonged Immobilization
  • UTI(Urinary Tract Infection)

Surgical indication

  • Prostate surgery
  • Bladder surgery
  • urology surgery & gynecology surgeries
  • Removal of kidney stone
  • Long surgical procedure

Urometer-Description of device

The Urometer comprises of a collection bag and collection chamber with the ml(milliliter) measurement in the collection chamber

The Connection tube to the Urinary catheter from the urine collection chamber to collect the urine to the Urometer.urometer

Check the chamber and drain it before it fully occupied

The hanger in the device used to hang the device in the bedside. To drain the urine from the collection bag turn on the knob to open and drain it

After the urine drained from the collection bag close the knob to avoid leakage

Instruction for use

  • Check the packing carefully, if found damaged, torn or pierced discarded pieces
  • wash your hand before the connection as per the hand hygiene techniques
  • wears safety sterile gloves before opening the sterile pack.
  • close the valve of the Urometer connection between the urine collection bagurine collection bag
  • Hangs the collection bag using the hangers strap provided horizontally.
  • Remove the safety sterile cap and connect to the urethral catheter.
  • For sampling use the sampling port provided on the tapered connector.
  • Drain out the urine using the bottom urine Urometer.
  • Drain out the urine from the measured volume into the collection bag.
  • check the urine volume periodically and drain into the collection bag and mention volume urine output on the nursing note.
  • Discard after use as per the biomedical waste management
  • Single use only and not use or resterilize.



Check the integrity of the device before use connection
between the urethral catheter and the tapered connection of the collection bag.

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