Physical characteristic of sutures

Sutures have a certain characteristic, the rate of absorption, materials made, physical condition, etc

Tensile strength
Capillarity, and memory
Retention of the Suture
Absorption quality

Tensile strength

The force needed to break the Suture. The knot of the suture decides the correct tensile strength of the future

The diameter of suture increase likewise tensile strength of suture also increases

The tensile strength  of the suture influenced by the different types of character

knot security

Uniformity Sutures

Resistance, etc


Versatility the fundamental character of a suture to control to its typical length when stretches

Good flexibility suture modify when tissue hypertrophied and restriction when the injury recuperate

Capillarity, and memory

Capillary of suture decide the infection rate of the wound

The monofilament suture doesn’t allow the capillary action in a suture, but multifilament allows the suture to absorbs the moisture and holds the body fluids.

High capillary action enhance the spread of bacteria easily and causes infection

Suture with low capillarity enhance the surgery in infection control, because of that low capillarity suture preferred

To avoid the capillary action in multifilament

Some of them use

Paraffin or jelly

Multifilament coated with beeswax or antibacterial coated to reduce infection


The memory of suture same like elasticity that retains in normal shape as packed

Some times scrub hold artery forceps at the end of the suture to hold due to the good memory

Retention of the Suture

Retention of suture describes the tendency to hold the tissue for a long time

Structure of suture

Braided/Multifilament suture
In general, braided sutures are more prone to infection and induce a greater degree of tissue reaction. Advantages of braided suture include ease of handling, low memory, and increased knot security.

Monofilament suture
A monofilament suture is a single filament material. The suture has decreased the tendency of infection, ease of passage through tissue and ease of removal. They possess poor handling characteristics and decreased knot security

Absorption qualityvicryl suture

The suture takes time to absorbed by the tissue by lysosomal action of cellular enzymes and resistance to digestion. This can compromise the appearance of the scar.


Effect of the suture on the tissue, the material made decides the suture quality of the suture


Soft and non-resistant to any materials. It is easy to handle the suture for suturing and gives flexibility to the suture


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