Rebreathing mask

High concentration oxygen therapy mask

Rebreathing mask Pack consist of the

Soft flexible medical grade mask with elastic strap

Flexible medical grade kink resistant tube approximately 2-meter length

600 ml capacity reservoirrebreathing mask


Instruction for use

Attach the multi-channel kink resistant tube to the oxygen source

Set the oxygen to the desired flow.

Check for flow through the device. Verify the proper functions of the valves. Be sure all the connections are secure.

Check oxygen flow through the inlet valve before placing the mask on the patient

Place the mask on the patients face with the elastic strap below the ear and around the neck. Gently pull the strap ends until the mask is secure fit.

Mask is elongated and fits over the nose bridge and under the chin. Press the metal strip on the mask to fit the nose bridge


Specially designed for high concentration oxygen therapy

Soft, odorless, transparent mask for patient comfort

Aluminum nose clip and elastic strap for best fit

Silicone one way valves to prevent CO2 retention

Lightweight reservoir to improve oxygen inhalation

Single use only, not to resterilize and use

Store in a cool and dry place

Available in Adult and pediatric with different volume of bag sizes


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