HME Filter

The Heat Moist Exchanger -HME Filter

The HME filter comes with the sterile and clean, which is ready to use

Do not use, if the package has been opened or damaged in any case


The material is designed and manufactured for single use device that must use only on one patient

Filter placement at the patient side between tracheal tube and breathing circuit in the positions.

Adult patient

Pediatric patients

Neonatal patientshme filter

Types of HME Filter

Adult large HME

Pediatric small HME

Infant electrostatic filter HME

Neonatal electrostatic filter HME

The HME filter protects the patient, equipment and healthcare workers from the cross contamination

It maintains the heat and moisture loss from the airway.

Parts of the material consist of a patient end and machine end.

Some of the HME will have a Luer-lock connector for the co2 sampling/monitoring.

Close the Luer lock connector, when not in use. If you fail to close the Luer lock connector the circuit will have leak and patients saturation down and pressure also reduces.

Luer lock connector present in adults and Paediatrics.

The Luer lock connector absents infants and neonatal electrostatic HME filter.

Use of the HME vary in use, list of places and equipment used as follows

  1. Anesthesia workstation- closed breathing circuits
  2. Ventilator closed circuits
  3. Transport Ventilator
  4. Physiotherapy respiratory machine
  5. CPAP and BIPAP machine


Do not use the device in conjunction with heated humidifier or nebulizers

Do not use apart from the indicated medical equipment.

Direction to use

Remove the filter from the sterile protective pack

Connect the device to the breathing circuit with sterile.

Check all the connection with airtight seal

Adjust the tidal volume to compensate for dead space.hme filter

For co2 monitoring attach the monitoring sampling line to Luer lock connector if needed.

Periodically check the device to the breathing circuits for any resistance to flow.

Resistance found on the circuit change the device if needed.

The fluid accumulation may block or create resistance on the breathing circuit.

The material should be discarded after use as per the biomedical waste management protocol

Single-use and sterile pack

Maximum duration to use 24 hours.

If pack found damaged, do not use it.


Do not try to reuse or reserialization of this product.

Ensure the patency of the device, before use.

Try to avoid in the patient with low tidal volume as indicated on the table.

Adjust tidal volume according to dead space of HME filter

Use only threaded or non-threaded co2 sample line as per the HME Luer lock connector.

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