Myo surgical punch

Specially designed punch used mainly to create the ostomy on the Arteries and veins.

Some of the cases, punch used in the Intestine also.

Circumferential cut made with the surgical punch of 10 degrees undercut moves the tissue away from the inner lumen of the targeted material. The punch helps in the making the clean and round hole on the tissues.

Indicationsurgical punch

Coronary artery Bypass surgery

Vascular surgery -Anastomosis

Punch used for the coronary artery biopsy grafting
designed to cut round preferred 360 degrees round hole

Hollow cutting tip with 10 degrees undercut moves tissue away from inside edge of a hole during the cut to provide a clean and round hole.

dual cutting action combined with a full 90-degree rotation of a scalpel-sharp edge creates a clean circular hole


Used in both an artery and veins

Available in the round and elliptical tip designs

It is available from the range of 2.7mm to 6 mm punches.

Made with a Concave blade for a unique round cut at the edges of the vessels

It is designed with the double cutting action blades, by this way ostomy can be achieved and waste tissue will come with the punch.

The length may vary according to the punch sizes.

The punch has a body like a pen with the finger ring that helps the user to hold using the fingers for greater control with an accurate hole can be made.


Instruction to use.

The Myo-surgical punch is single-use, sterile pack.

Make an incision or nick on the artery or vein

Insert the punch in the incision and hold the punch with the index finger and middle finger, at the ring with thumb

Push and advance the ring using thumb and make a cut, slowly remove the punch.

The required hole or ostomy can achieve according to the proper handling of instruments as recommended.

Note: The Instruments must discard as per hospital recommended waste management criteria.


Single-use and discard it after use.


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