Surgical needle Part and Types of needle

Surgical needle made from high-quality steel alloy
Needles made for the Suture are strong and inert. These are available in different types
according to the eye, the shape of the needle or curvature of the needle, point style.

Needle are three parts

  1. Point
  2. Body and
  3. Eye

Eye of the needle is

  1. Closed eye
  2. French eye
  3. Atraumatic eye(swaged suture).

conventionally closed eye are sewing needles their eyes are round, oval, square, rectangle.

The French eye has two eyes that are connected by a slit from the top through eyes, ridges that are used to secure the suture

The needle used in suture packed are called swaged needle, mean suture materials are getting crushed and impregnated with the needle.
The double-armed suture has two needles are the swaged at both the end.
needles have different types of shapes of their own .curvature of the needle relates to the body and radius of the needles.
The curve is measured as a circumferential fraction in a complete circle, according to a curvature of the needle are 1/4,3/8,1/2,5/8.

Surgical needle-point it has three types

Round body

Blunt (round body) safest needlepoint but difficult to puncture the tissue
it is used in blunt dissection in the friable tissues and organs like liver, kidney, spleen, etc.
it reduces the chance of needlestick injury and blood-borne infection.

surgical needle



These round body suture with a point are tapered sharply at the end. It helps in puncture the tissue and allows the needle to follow through tissue following the sutures.
It primarily used for suturing of the soft tissue, muscle, subcutaneous tissue & fat, peritoneum, dura mater, gastrointestinal, vascular tissue, biliary.


Cutting needle must have the cutting edges along its shaft. A needle with cutting edges on the inside of the curve called a conventional cutting needle.
A needle with cutting edges on the outside or lower edges of the curve called a reverse cutting.
cutting needles used in connective tissue such as skin, joint capsule, and tendons

Taper cutting needle

These needles have the reverse cutting edges at the tip and round body. The point of the needle tapered
taper cutting needle used for suturing dense fibrous connective tissue such as the

  • Fascia,
  • Tendons, and
  • Periosteum.

Spatula needles might side cutting needles with a flat surface on the top and bottom. these used in the ophthalmic surgery to separate the corneal and scleral tissues. The range of needle in the Ethicon sutures 12-0 to 5 sizes

  • BV needles
  • Visi black needles
  • Hemo seal needles sutures
  • Multicurve needles

Needle diameter 130 microns -220 microns
Needle length 6.5-9.3mm

cc point easy penetration
Taper point -reduced tissue trauma
Round body-reduced tissue trauma

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