Silver Dressing Materials

Silver Dressing Materials

The Silver Dressing Materials is found in different forms are,

  • Elementary silver
  • An inorganic compounds
  • An organic compounds

Elementary silver

silver metal, nanocrystalline silver
an inorganic compounds
silver oxide silver phosphates, silver chloride, silver sulfate,silver-calcium-sodium phosphate, silver zirconium compound.

An organic compounds

silver zinc allantoinate, silver alginates, silver carboxymethylcellulose.

silver component of dressings may appear
as a coating on one or both external surfaces of the dressing

within the structure of the dressing
either as a coating on dressing materials within the spaces of the dressing materials (eg.elementary or compound silver) or a compound that forms
part of the dressing structure(silver alginates). combining both of these compounds also available.

silver on the surface of the dressing may come into contact with the wound where it exerts the antimicrobial action.silver within the dressing
structure acts on bacteria absorbed into the dressing with wound exudate but is likely also to diffuse to some extent into the wound.

An Inorganic compounds

The inorganic compound is the material other than the carbon group.

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