Screw and Types

Screws used in the Fixation of the small fracture and reconnection of the fractured bone using plates. The main purpose of the screws in orthopedics, dental and maxillofacial surgery, etc. In some of the Neurosurgery Screws used for the fixation of the Cranial bone after the craniotomy procedures and cranioplasty.

Screws type made up of special type stainless steel, Titanium, etc.

Main used in pre-drilled and tapped holes

Used to fix the plates and bones

Used to fix the plate correctly aligned fractured segments of bone.

Different Screw Types

Cortical screws

Thread diameter is shorter when compared to cancellous screw. continuous threads can be seen the same as cancellous.

Spherical in shape with threaded fully.

The blunt tip with uniform threading

screw type

Before application of Cortical screw tapping needed


plating Radial bone, Ulnar bone, humeral bone, Tibial bone, Femoral shaft fracture

Cancellous screw 

Thread diameter longer when compared to cortical screw. No need of Tapping for cancellous types of screwscrew type

used in fixation of

Proximal tibia and distal tibia

Distal femur

Proximal Humerus

Calcaneal bone

Malleolar screws

Used in Medial malleolus of the ankle

Herbert screws

Used rarely in the fixation like scaphoid fracture and radial head fracture

It’s embedded into the bone and not removed after fixation

Lag screws







Cannulated screw

Either cortical or cancellous type

The hollow uniform hole helps in drilling and insertion of screw using Guidewire

Accurate screw placement and less soft tissue dissection

Used in Malleolar screw fixation, Distal humerus fracture, Tibial condylar fracture, and a femoral neck fracture







Dynamic hip screw

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