Kehr’s T Tube Drainage in Post surgery

The flexible tube made of latex with along vertical limb and a short horizontal limb. Kehr’s T tube is used for short-term postoperative drainage of a common bile duct. Placed in the common bile duct after cholecystectomy removal of gallbladder or choledochostomy helps in draining of bile duct

How to use

An incision is made on the common Bile Duct, insert the T shape tube into CBD and closed with the Absorbable Suture. Another end of the Tube taken out of the skin and connected to the Sterile Container to collect the fluids.  When drainage of bile common bile duct to the duodenum blocking the gallbladder stone and biliary fluids. Presence of T tube may prevent peritonitis due to leakage in case of residual stones blocking the lower end of the CBD

clamping of tube take places before and after taking of feeds either by oral or Nasogastric tube. while removing tube clamp the tube and then remove.

Obstruction of T tube

Obstruction of bile flow Signs areT Tube



Pain in the abdomen


Right upper quadrant fullness


Dark foamy urine


Manufactured from soft non-toxic, medical grade PVC compound.
The radio-opaque line provided throughout the tube for X-ray visualization.
Super smooth tube surface prevents clogging.
Sterile, Individually packed in peelable pouch pack.

10 FG
12 FG
14 FG
16 FG
18 FG

Removal of the Tube

After 7-10 days of the insertion,

Kehr’s T Tube cholangiogram is done and the T-tube is removed with a gentle pull.

The Dye flows freely into the duodenum.

No filling defects in the CBD.

After clamping the tube for 24 hours, there is no abdominal pain or fever.

There is no differentiation in the stool( normal stool color).

Contraction of the Fibrous tract will help in stop leakage of the biliary leak.


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