Periosteal elevator

Periosteal elevator 

The periosteal elevator used to dissection of periosteum for the visualization of the fractured bone or screwing and in the incision of bone.

Also called Cottles elevator and pierce elevator


Single or double endedperiosteal elevator

The sharp or blunt end

Example of an elevator

Chandler elevator

Cobb elevator

Converse elevator

Freer Elevator

Farabeuf elevator

Joseph elevator

Key elevator

Langenbeck elevator

Penfield elevator

Sayre elevator

Freer Elevator 

To dissect the tissue from the bone and cartilage and also to dissect cartilage, periosteum from the bone

It is used widely in orthopedic, ENT, Neurosurgery, Facial surgery

comfortable in handling bone wax to hold and apply on bleeding edges.

It is used in the neurosurgery and orthopedic to control bleeding using bone wax.


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