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All patients are not the same. Some stay in good health during the course of Radiation Therapy but few or more patients undergo various side effects due to Radiation Therapy.

Tips to minimize the side effects of Radiation

One common difficulty being faced by all patients is lack of intake of food. It is very important that patients take good food during the course of Radiation Therapy.

The lack of intake of food is due to side effects of Radiation Therapy therefore unable to eat due to swallowing difficulties caused by Radiation injury to the organs like


Oral areaPatients Education for Radiation Therapy


and stomach area. The reactions graded on the basis to their severity.

Suppose a patient planned for Radiation Therapy course of up to 6-7 weeks. The number of treatments ranges from 28 to 40 depends on the case. The course of Radiation Therapy is decided to take into account the side effects.

Side effects are classified into

  1. Acute effects
  2. Late effects

Acute effects being the side effects caused during the course of Radiation Therapy as a results



Skin reactions (darkening or color change of skin)


A sore throat


Irritation in the area of treatment

Loss of weight.

Patients Education for Radiation Therapy

Acute effects depend on the area being treated such as the Head and Neck region in case of Carcinoma of tongue, hypopharynx, Nasopharynx, etc.

Coping with side effects of acute reactions during the course of Radiation Therapy needs guidance and proper 

support as well as courage to face it.

Let’s see what it takes to minimize acute reactions during the course of Radiation Therapy.

Nutrition for Patients Undergoing Radiation Therapy

  • Semi-solid food such as porridge made of rice, oats without milk, etc.
  • Soups are excellent to try without much spice
  • The rich source of antioxidants like Apples, guava, pomegranates that can help from dehydration.

  • Fresh vegetables such as carrots, beetroots, beans, radish, cabbages, cauliflower.
  • Well boiled green leaves crushed and added flavor to it taste good and adds nutrition.
  • Take a lot of water to push out the toxins out of the body.
  • Fiber-rich foods such as papayas are a good source of vitamins.

General care

  • Be clean by taking bath every day to avoid bad smell on the body
  • Regular mouth wash using recommended ones only strong mouthwashes may cause irritation inside the mouth.
  • Regular cleaning of mouth by brushing teeth with a special toothbrush made of soft bristles.
  • Gargle of mouth at least 4 times a day
  • Avoid direct sunlight on the area of treatment
  • Avoid scratching on the area of treatment as this may cause injury to the site.
  • Use warm water. Avoid cold or Hot water on the area of treatment.
  • Consult your Doctor weekly once to tell them of any issues as they will prescribe appropriate medications.
  • Let know your therapist, if you are suffering from fever or any other ailments during the course of Radiation Therapy.
  • Ask and clarify yourself then and there for better results.

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