Non Invasive Procedures

In Non Invasive Procedures, the patients experience Discomfort during the procedure that results in Stress

Noninvasive meaning

The medical procedures not involving the introduction of instruments into the body

The preparation of patients is important to the procedures before starting.

Preparation like Fasting, the taking of some the premedication drugs, use of laxatives or enemas, injection of dye or contrast etc

Steps to follow before starting a procedure

Explain the importance of procedures, various steps, and procedures to the patients clearly.

Explanation in the better and in the patient’s known language

The side effect and complication after the procedure, before getting the informed consent

Get the written informed consent only after explaining everything

Get rid of Anxiety to the patients through communication and care of patients

Encourage and give a positive response to patients and family members about the team care and services

Check with the necessary drugs and accessories needed for the procedures

Intimation of Fasting and other medication explained to patients

confirm about Lab investigation needed for the procedures

List of Non-Invasive Procedures

Ultrasonography and Echocardiography


Computed Tomography-CT

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

ESWL-Extra Corporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy

NIBP – Non-Invasive Blood Pressure

Radiography and Fluoroscopy



Non-Invasive Ventilation

ECG- Electrocardiography

EEG- Electroencephalography

EMG- Electromyography

BIPAP- Bilevel Positive Airway

Oxygen therapy

Laser-assisted Facial Hair Removal

Eye examination

some of Laboratory test


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