Neuro Three Pin Fixation Pins

We recommend the multipurpose skull clamp with the variety of pin either 3 pins or 4 pins point fixation and a non-invasive gel pad fixation options. The reusable skull pins attached to the skull clamps and mounted to the operating table.

The skull clamp attached with proper support by the anesthesia care provider or technician to swivel adapter and to the base unit of table


Skull pins are indicated for the healthy matured skull bones, in case any problem with the skull bone or in pediatric patients non-invasive gel fixation or rigid fixation device

Pins available in adult and pediatrics

Only for a support mechanism for head and neck surgery


Neck surgery

The non-invasive fixation device is recommended according to the following conditionsNeuro Three Pin Fixation

Skull size

Skull thickness

Bone structure

Patient age

Carefully remove the skull pins from the package using the grasping recess to handle the pins

According to the patients use the adult or pediatric pins available.

Periodically check the skull pin are damaged or not, if it damaged replace with undamaged skull pins.

Insert the pin into the skull pin receptacles on The skull clamp, push and fix the skull pin proper and check by marking either inserted correctly or not.

Use appropriate skull pins on the skull clamp frame.

To remove the skull pins from the skill clamp grasp the recess and rotate in a clockwise direction to remove.

Preparation Skull pin for use

Sterilized pins opened from the sterile pack before the use

Insert the skull pins after the surgical frame is ready for the position. The skull frame attached to the table accessory before the position.

Place the Surgical three skull pins at the points mentioned and marked by surgeons, once the site confirmed, slowly tighten the ratchet and finally tighten the rotating knob at final for the confirming. 60–80 lb is normal pressure

Place at the surgeon preferred pinpoints, the surgeon marks the point of the pin using the marker.

Apply the pin under the supervision of surgeon and Anesthesia care provider and fix it. After confirmation tight with the 60–80 lb pressure as recommended

Fix the headrest fixed to the swivel and base of the system.

Watch out the Basic parameters on the anesthesia works station after application mainly heart rate, Blood pressure, and ICP if connected.

Confirm by shaking the rest with support

Maintenance Neuro Three Pin Fixation

After use clean the whole system on running water and remove the reusable pin from the device. Clean using an antiseptic solution and dry it using dry cloths or in room air.

Clean and inspect the pins carefully, if damaged report and discards as per the hospital waste disposable recommendation. cleaning and rinsing must take place immediately after each use for best effect. use a soft nylon bristle brush to scrub, under tap water to remove debris and blood.

Using of Ultrasound Cleaner for 15 minutes in 40°C/104°F warm.

Sterilization method

Best Method recommended –Ethylene oxide sterilization and plasma sterilization.

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