Medical Abbreviations starts with I, M


ICP  Intra Cranial Pressure

ICF Intracellular Fluid

IHR International Health Regulations

IMR  Infant Mortality Rate

IAEA International Atomic Energy Commission

IATA International Air Transport Association

ICD International Classification of Diseases

IDU Intravenous Drug Users

ICG Interagency Coordinating Group (WHO/meningitis)

ICRC International Committee of the Red Cross

ICU Intensive Care Unit

ICVA International Council of Voluntary Agencies

IDU Intravenous Drug Users

IDP Internally Displaced Person

IEC Information Education and Communication

IHFAN International Health Facility Assessment Network

INA Instant Nutritional Assessment

IMA Intermittent mandatory ventilation

IPI International Prognostic Index

ILP Isolated Limb Perfusion

IPC  Infection prevention and control

IM Intramuscular

IV Intravenous

IEHK Interagency Health Kit

IGO Inter-Governmental Organisation

IHL International Humanitarian Law

IMC International Medical Corps

IMCI Integrated Management of Child Health

INGO International Non-Governmental Organisation

IPI Intermittent Presumptive Treatment (malaria)

IPT Intermittent Preventive Therapy

IRS Indoor Residual Spraying

ISO International Organisation for Standardisation

IT Information Technology

ITNs Insecticide Treated Nets

ITM Treated Mosquito Material

IUATLD International Union Against TB and Lung Diseases

IUD Intra-Uterine Device

IV Intra Venous (inj)

ICPD International Conference on Population and Development

IUD Intrauterine device

IDA International Dispensary Association

IVF  In Vitro Fertilization


MRI  Magnetic resonance imaging

MRA Magnetic resonance  angiography

MDG  Millennium Development Goals

MoH&FW Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

MMR Maternal Mortality Ratio

M&E Monitoring and Evaluation

MCH Maternal and Child Health

MCI Mass Casualty Incident

MCM Mass Casualty Management

MDG Millennium Development Goals

MDR Malaria Death Rate

MDR-TB Multi-drug resistant therapy

MISP Minimum Initial Service Package

MMR Mass Miniature Radiography

MMR Maternal Mortality Ratio

MoH Ministry of Health

MoU Memorandum of Understanding

MSF Médicins Sans Frontières

MTCT Mother To Child Transmission

MUAC Mid-Upper-Arm-Circumference

MVA Manual vacuum aspiration

mcg microgram

MD Mean Difference

min minute

ml milliliter

MPA Maternal and Perinatal Health & Preventing Unsafe Abortion

MPH Master of Public Health

MCH Mother and Child Health

MEDS Mission for Essential Drugs and Supplies

MOH  Ministry of Health

MRSA Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus

MHMC Midhumeral muscle circumference

MUST Malnutrition universal screening tool

MODS Multiple organ dysfunctions

MORE Multiple outcomes of raloxifene

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