Liver Biopsy Procedures

Liver Biopsy is the diagnostic invasive procedures done in minor operating room setup. Removal of a small amount of liver tissue biopsy needle for the examination of liver cells.


Malignancy of liver

Increased Bilirubin level

Liver-Related Problems

Before the procedures, get signed informed consent from the patient/caretaker of the patient

Check with the following investigation

Prothrombin time

Platelets counts

Hemoglobin level

other hemodynamic Level

Check all the VItal parameters at the normal level, if any variation in level inform prior to the procedure for clarification from Physician

Liver Biopsy Procedure

Attach the vital parameter for monitoring the patients during procedures.

Continuous monitoring of patients pulse, respiratory rate, blood pressure at 10 to 20 minutes. connect and supply oxygen for patients if needed

Clean the Right upper abdomen (Right hypochondrium region) using the skin preparation antiseptic solution.

The Tray contains

Bowl with gauzes pieces

Bowl with saline water

sponge holder

Biopsy needle

Drape for draping

Get ready with the local anesthesia, emergency medication, and premedication drugs ready.

Premedication was given prior to the procedure

Draping did use of sterile drape on the needle insertion site. The check with the biopsy needle working or not before introducing. The Physician promptly introduces the biopsy needle into the transthoracic or transabdominal route, penetrates slowly and puncture the liver aspirate and withdraw slowly.

After the procedures close the puncture site with Sterile gauze pieces and clean the area.

After few minutes closed puncture site with Gauze with Micropore plaster to avoid discharge of Fluids or bleed.

Position for procedure

Place a wedge or pillow under costal margin, the position remains for some time until procedure over Recumbent position. Do change position and immobile for sometimes

Operating mobile light, Mayo’s trolley containing clean sterile sheet

Care of specimen

Specimen collected by the Circulating Nurse in the specimen container and Labelled with

Patients Name

Hospital patient IP number

Date and time collected

Physician Name( collected by)

Fill the hospital Biopsy form with required data

Sent to the Pathology for the examination.

Confirm the date of Result available to patient and attender after the procedure over.

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