Types of Needles points

The commonly used in surgical wound closure and during surgery. Types of needles differentiation in size, shape, cutting tip, point.
The cutting tip point are differentiated into


It’s triangular in shape, pointing sharply towards the tip of the needle. The triangular tip help in cutting the skin or tissue and pierce into the target tissue. It has three triangular edges, one edge pointing towards the inner side of the needle curve.

Used in superficial tissue not soft tissue like a bowl, vessels etc.

Used mainly on the skin, subcutaneous tissue, tough tissue for full thickness biteTypes of needles

Reverse cutting

It is triangular in shape and which the shape of the point will alter to cutting needle.

It has three edges in which, one edge will point towards the outer side of the circumference of the needle.

Pierce into the tissue quick and deep.

It accidental perforation may happen and damage the other tissue.

Used in tendons, tough tissue, and in rectus.

In some cases, used in skin

Prime needle

It is a modification of cutting or reverse needle with the beveled tips. It is excellent in the usage of skin closure in cardiac and ophthalmic surgery.

The advance designed needle to reduce the tissue damage. It is divided into the prime cutting needle and prime reverse cutting needle.

Spatula Needle

The spatula needle is the different edge, that increases the insertion of the needle into the tissue.

Most commonly used in

Anterior segment surgery, Example Cataract, and squint surgery

Taper Point

The taper point needle penetrates and passes through tissue by stretching without cutting.

Taper cut

The tip of the needle has the reverse cutting shaped, body with taper point

The reverse cutting shaped tip help to penetrate and the taper point body move.

Types of Needles Materials

Needle materials made of stainless steel alloy, which have excellent resistance to corrosion

The stainless steels contain

12% chromium and stainless steel combine to form the thin, fine coating with silicone. The needle allows the user to permit easier tissue passage.

It enhances

Initial tissue penetration

Less frictional forces from the needle pass the target tissue.

Instruction for better usage of needle

The force is given with controlled to achieve the passage of a needle through the tissue

Ideal suture for appropriate tissue type


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