Rasp in Orthopedic surgery

Rasp is rough surgical instruments with the serrated body and a handle to hold.

The serration is uniform and unique.

It is used before the keeping flap, graft or prosthesis placement in bone.

It is used to make the bone smooth and sharp less surface for the adherent to material

Single or double ended

Curved blades or tapered blades

It has types of fine or coarse teeth rasp.

Other name and types

Aufricht rasps

Cottle rasps

Fomon rasps

Lewis rasps

Maltz rasps

Putti rasps

Weiner rasps

Nasal rasp -Weiner antral rasps

Used to smooth nasal cartilage or bone during septoplasty

The Instrument is designed in a curved body with a 360-degree serrated body, by the way easily rasped inside the nose.

It comes in small, medium and large size with diamond-like tip.


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