Nurses Day -Why we celebrate?

Nurses day Warm wishes to all the nurses all over the world.

On this special day, humanity and dedication lead by the nurses to make them in a good position.

works in all the healthcare sector to be leading platform and human resource.

The Madam Florence Nightingale paved the way to nurse has become the special care

Their dedication won’t be in all the hearts of the nurses on this special day.

On this day International Nursing Councils and WHO create the theme by every year.

To enhance the better outcome of the healthcare sector all over the world.

The main target is to spread

The humanityNurses day


Eradication of the deadly disease

Nursing education to all the Mother and youths.

The nurses are in all the sectors in the healthcare sectors, primary healthcare center etc.

They play an integral role next to the physician and Consultants.

For the better results the government and WHO take so much of initiative, scheme, guidelines,

goals to achieve within the targeted time and tasks.

Any have surgical technologist also play a specific role as the scrub in the operating room.

Apart from the United States and some of the Western countries, the nurses act as a scrub for the surgical procedures.

Once more very Happy Nurses day to all the Nurses in the world to be part of our healthcare family

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