This equipment used for determining the glucose level in the bloodstream. The Glucomter mainly used in the health care sector and in houses for the patients with Diabetes Mellitus.


To measure Glucose level in Bloodstream

Blood sugar (glucose) monitoring a vital piece of a comprehensive management plan.

To maintain the blood glucose within the target range


Acute stroke

Altered mental status

Known Diabetic patient(Diabetes Mellitus)

Trauma with potential for head/spinal injury

Combative patient



The site for sample collection

Less sensitive area is preferable

The site recommended as follows


Fingertip used mostly

Forearms, palm.

When to check

  • Before meals
  • After 1 or 2 hours of meals
  • After Exercise
  • Before bed
  • Patients under sick condition.
  • Whenever the patients think blood sugar falling


It works under the principle of the electrochemical method.

The electrode strip contains an enzyme electrode called glucose oxidase or glucose dehydrogenase.

  1. Select the site for sampling
  2. Keep ready with the following materialsglucometer
  3. Lancet or 26 gauge needle
  4. Glucometer and glucose strip for measuring
  5. A cotton swab and alcohol antiseptic solution
  6. Gloves for Investigator
  7. Inform patients about the prick and collection of blood for glucose measurement.
  8. Massage and Swipe and clean the site with the alcohol swab.
  9. Wait for the site to dry and open lancet or needle and prick the give compression proximal to sampling distal site.
  10. Apply the glucose strip and wait for the sampling symbol on the screen of glucometer.
  11. Adjust the strip near to the glucose strip and capillary action on the strips, absorb the blood and close the site with a dry swab.
  12. After application of the blood wait for 10 to 15 second for the result
  13. The Glucose level of the patient will display on the screen.
  14. The result of glucose level measured in milligram per deciliter mg/dl
  15. Normal Range of blood glucose 80 to 120mg/dl (Fasting)

Management and maintenance

Change the battery of the glucometer periodically in a particular duration of time.


Proper documentation of change of battery help to change before it gets empty.

Temperature can affect the glucose value accuracy, so keep the machine at room temperature.

After the use of the machine/equipment clean it with alcohol based antiseptic solution and keep it in the preferred case or cover.

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