The fiberoptic headlight is made of fiber-optic cables. The fiber optic bundle unit form cable to form of uniform light source. The commonly used Light source is Halogen and xenon.

Fiber sizes usually made in 10 to 25 mm in diameter. The head light used in and fixed to head by the surgeon or assistant before scrubbing for the case. When the surgeon is needed for the light floor Nurse should connect the light cable to the light source.


The Surgical field like ENT, Laparoscopy, VATS, cardiac and thoracic surgery.

Fiber-optic Headlight with a headband 

• Adjustable lightweight headband, F/O headlight, bifurcated clear cable
illumination for long-term balance, comfort, and wearFIBEROPTIC HEADLIGHT
• High-performance optical system
• Wide focus range and powerful light spot
• Light Spot Distance Spot (mm)

The Head Light for Surgeons.

The head lights are used in ENT, Laparoscopy, Neuro-endoscopy etc.

Focusable, battery powered, bright, white LED headlamp

Ultra comfortable, adjustable black headband; headband mounted
rechargeable, ultra long-lasting Lithium-ion battery (3.5 hours continuous)

It is available in different lengths and thickness for example
20 cm 11-68 mm
30 cm 12-101 mm
40 cm 13-136 mm
50 cm 14-173 mm

60 cm 16-208 mm

Maintenance of light cable:

  1. Handle with care to avoid damage to fiber optic bundles.
  2. The light cable is working under the principle of total internal reflection.
  3.  Before the operation, pre-check the cable and light source after completion. confirm the position of the endoscopic console. Disconnect the cable until it cools down.
  4. The intensity of light source is so high that there is a chance of damage to the mucosa and other internal organs.
  5. The end of the end crystal cable should be periodically cleaned with a cotton swab moistened with alcohol.
  6. The switch off or reduce the intensity of the light source when it not in use for a long time
  7. Fiber optic cable tip should never be placed on the drape or contact with the patients. The heat generated from the intensity of light may cause burns to the patient or ignite the drapes.
  8. Avoid twisting them and fold it in the as per Company instruction. Keep in the preferred case with care and cushion.


Broken fibers are seen as black spots at the tip of the fiber-optic cable.

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