Eye Lid Speculum

Speculum are instruments, essential for

Exposure and visualization of an anterior part

It commonly used in

  • Intraocular surgery
  • Extraocular surgery

Available in adult and pediatric size with 16-18mm and 9-14mm


Removal of conjunctival and corneal foreign body

Cauterization of corneal ulcer

Used in intraocular surgery and extraocular surgery

Examination of the eye in the patient like blepharospasm, eyelid problems etc.

Also used in enucleation and evisceration surgery.

Its also used to key to the eyelids apart from the operating site

List of ocular surgery like

cataract surgery

Vitreoretinal surgery

Glaucoma surgery

List of extraocular surgery

Squint surgery

Pterygium surgery

Types of the eyelid speculum

Barraguer wire speculum

Lieberman self-retaining speculum with screw

Speculum with a solid blade

Universal eye speculum

Wire speculum

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