Solvent Ether

Solvent Ether

Solvent ether is used for the cleaning the surgical wound management.


Cleaning and removing the sticky dressing from the viable tissue, a clear colorless liquid with a characteristic odor having a color not more than 10 Hazen units

To remove the Elasto-plaster or dyno plaster from the wound closure.

used for the surgical wound DebridementEther
(C2H5)O-Diethyl ether for the synthesis


Solvent ether + ethyl ether
Minimum assay(GC) 99.5 %
weight per ml at 20 degrees C 0.713-0.717 Gram
Boiling range (35-36degree C) 95%
Maximum limit of impurities 0.2 %
Peroxide (H2O2) Negative for the test
Acidity CH#COOH 0.003%
Residue on evaporation (Including stabilizer 0.002%)
stabilizer BHT abt 10 PPM


Combustible solution

Avoid keeping near the Equipment

keep closed to avoid evaporation

Acute oral toxicity

Respiratory irritation

Narcotic effects


combustible material, keep away from electrical and power equipment for safe use.

Store products in tightly closed original container at the temperature recommended on the product label.

Before using the solution, read the full instruction, hazards, and recommendation to use.

In some of the countries, the solution in medical practices is banned according to the safety data sheet.

All the equipment should be grounded and bonded to prevent the build-up of static electricity.




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