Ultrasound in different field

MIS-Minimally Invasive Surgery

Ultrasound used during MIS (Minimally Invasive Surgery) for coagulation and cutting. ultrasound energy coagulates tissue by creating a cool and coagulum at the cellular level. No electrical energy and very little heat involved in the ultrasonic system include the sonography surgery and harmonic scalpel.

USG energy connected to the operative arm and used in Robotic surgery. Ultrasound console connected to the arm with set value recommend by surgeons. ultrasound also used in laparoscopic surgery, separate ultrasonic or harmonic handle either (disposable or reusable ) used. surgeons operate the harmonic cutter with hand switch/foot switch.

Ultrasound machinesUltrasound in different field

some of the systems, for example, Olympus America, central valley, Pennsylvania, Philips etc.

Harmonic cutter

Harmonic cutter used in

Gastroenterology surgery

Gynecological surgery


Oncology surgery.
Johnson and Johnson.new Brunswick, new jersey.

Ultrasound in Neuro Surgery

Ultrasound technology

often used before neurosurgery to assess the blood flow in the cerebral blood vessels. its used intraoperatively for real-time imaging of cysts, tumor, and other structures in the brain or during laminectomy.ultrasound also used to find the depth and circumference of tumor level during the surgery.

Ultrasonic cleaner

Ultrasonic cleaner removes debris from instruments by a process called cavitation. High-frequency sound waves generated through a water bath .cavitation causes tiny air spaces trapped within debris to implode inwardly and this releases the debris from the surface of the instrument.

The ultrasonic cleaner with recessed cavities that filled with a special enzymatic cleaner intended for use in system .ultrasound may also be incorporated into the automated washer sterilizer/disinfector. only instruments that free of gross debris are produced in the ultrasonic cleaner. Many instruments damaged by ultrasound energy. Manufacturer of medical devices careful to state whether the item can clean by ultrasound.

ultrasound does not decontaminate or sterilize instruments. If a stand-alone ultrasonic system used doing the cleaning process, instruments decontaminated before handling.


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