Dexon Suture Material

Dexon suture twisted and monofilament manufactured absorbable sutures made out of the homopolymer of glycolic acid. Polyglycolic materials have an Excellent rigidity over the basic injury for fast twisted mending process uniform distance. The advantage of using suture mainly, it causes less tissue damage. Predictable assimilation profile


DEXON sutures are shown for use in delicate tissue estimate. Additionally ligation including use in ophthalmic techniques aside from cardiovascular tissue or in neural tissue. Monofilament demonstrated for use as absorbable sutures in microsurgery and ophthalmic surgery.


The utilization of this suture contraindicated in patients with known sensitivities or allergies to its segments. These dexon suturesutures, being absorbable, ought not to be used where broadened guess of tissue is required.

Mode of Actions

DEXON sutures inspire a negligible intense incendiary response in tissues, followed by the continuous epitome of the suture by sinewy connective tissue. Progressive loss of rigidity and inevitable ingestion of DEXONTM S sutures Occurs by methods for hydrolysis, where the polymer corrupts to glycolic acid subsequently retained and used by the body. Experimental studies with DEXON S sutures created

No proof of antigenicity,

Fundamental poisonous quality,

Cancer-causing nature,


Teratogenicity or unfriendly impacts on conceptive performance.

Dexon suture Tensile Strength

Subcutaneous tissue implantation thinks about in rodents demonstrate DEXONTM S sutures hold around 65% of the first rigidity at about fourteen days and roughly 35% at three weeks post-embed for sizes USP 6-0 (0.7 measurements) or more noteworthy. For distance across sizes, 7-0 (0.5 measurements) or littler, roughly 55% of the first elasticity held at about fourteen days and around 20% at three weeks post-implant.


Absorption starts as lost rigidity without apparent loss of mass.DEXON sutures assimilation somewhere in the range of 60 and 90 days.Sterilization-Ethylene oxidePackagingDEXONTM S interlaced, engineered absorbable sutures are accessible in USP and EP sizes 2 (5 measurements) through 8-0 (0.4metrics).

Accessible undyed (beige) or dyed(green).The sutures provided sterile, in pre-cut lengths or ligating reels. Non-needled or joined to different needle types, Using both perpetual and removable needle connection methods in one, a few dozen boxes.

DEXONTM S monofilament manufactured absorbable sutures are accessible in USP and EP sizes 8-0 (0.4 measurement) through 10-0 (0.2 measurement). Accessible undyed (beige) or colored green in an assortment of lengths with needles; in one-dozen boxes.

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