CUSA-Cavitational Ultrasonic Surgical Aspiration

CUSA-Cavitational Ultrasonic Surgical Aspiration

It is mainly used in the department of the surgical gastroenterology and neurosurgery


In the handpiece, current passes through a coil and induces a magnetic field.The magnetic field excites
a transducer of a nickel alloy which expands and contract to produce an oscillating motion in longitudinal
axis with a frequency of 23 or 26khz.

The piezoelectric crystals with the alloy helps the handle tip to oscillates.
Ultrasound mechanical vibrations are magnified over the length of the handpiece.
The amount of oscillation varies with low frequency there is a greater amplitude with high
frequency, there is lower amplitude.cusa

The oscillating brought into contact with tissue causes fragmentation of the tissue by producing
cavitation at the cell level with the low pressure outside the cell leading to cellular disruption.
The high-frequency vibration produces heat, which reduces heats via closed, recirculating cooling of the probe’s tip.
This system maintains the temperature of the tip at approximately 40-degree C.The tissue fragmented debris must be carried away, which is another function of the cavitational ultrasound surgical aspirator for irrigation saline
or distilled water.

The Vaccum pump/suction connected using the tube and debris with fluids collected in the sample container. The according to surgeon practices may vary on set values. They will instruct the technologist to lower the amplitude of the tip oscillation when its reaches the when fragmenting the near to Vessels or viable tissue.


In some of the situation CUSA is indicated in some extents

  • Fragmentation
  • Emulsification
  • Aspiration

Fragmentation of tissue and cartilage parts etc. according the tissues the value of the Ultrasound and amplitude vary vary and need to be changed


The process in which the breakdown of bigger particle into smaller particle takes in the CUSA machine and it is take away from the surgical site using Aspiration techniques.

Aspiration of a significant amount of tissue and fluids from the surgical site.
mainly used in
1.Primary liver resection

The Surgical gastroenterologist uses the console during the procedures like partial liver resection. which resect the liver tissue slowly and in steady motion. The ergnomic style handle helps the surgeon to handle easily. The removal of debris and tissue parts taken by the suction connected to the handle.
2.Brain tumor resection.
Brain tumor resection like cerebral tumors like glial tumor, aneurysm clipping etc.

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