Closed suction system

The closed suction system above the cuff of the tracheal tube.

Instruction for use and Indication

Continuous ventilation.
To reduce the risk of hypoventilation and hypoxia, Low expiratory tidal volume.
The device consists of the sterile catheter for the suctioning enclosed with the sterile polyethylene cover.

  • 15 mm connector(patient end) for the Endotracheal tube/Tracheostomy tube.
  • Vacuum suction connector with cap (machine end) with valve suction controller.
  • Rotating valve for the suction (on / off ).
  • One end connected to the Ventilator with 22mm/15mm connector


Its used for oral intubation only intended for airway management. Made of clear polyvinyl chloride (PVC).
some of the features are below

  • Thermostatic materials with sufficient initial rigidity for intubation.
  • The radio-opaque blue line to confirm correct placement by x-ray.
  • An intubation depth mark above the cuffs is provided as a guide for correct placement of the tube.
  • A blue inflation line and a pilot balloon with integral Luer check valve for inflating, deflating and monitoring the cuffs.
  • Suction lumen incorporated into the dorsal suction hole located above the cuffs.
  • Clear suction line with a yellow stripe and yellow capped suction connector, facilitating connection to the suction device.
  • The endotracheal tube is with 15 mm connector the product is sterile until the pack is opened or damaged.
    tracheal tube size -cuff resting diameter
    6.0 – 23
    6.5 – 23
    7.0 – 30
    7.5 -30
    8.0 -30
    8.5 -30
    9.0 -30
Indication for use

It is intended for oral intubation only for airway management of patients anticipated to require prolonged mechanical ventilation in critical care units. It may be used in the emergency and operation theatre. Dorsal suction lumen allows drainage by continuous or intermittent suctioning of contaminated mucous.

suctioning of subglottic secretions that accumulate above the cuff.


Secure all the breathing system connections. Patients should be adequately humidified to minimize

  • Encrustation of the tracheal lumen
  • Prevent tracheal mucosal damage.

The patency of the tracheal tube lumen must check regularly endobronchial suctioning. check routinely and replace as required to maintain a patent airway.
Maximum use of this endotracheal tube is 7 to 10 days.
cuff pressure and volume should monitor and adjusted routinely.

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