Chisel Cutting instruments

These cutting instruments used to cut the tissue, dissect the tissue. In some of the case, it is used to excise the tissue.

Example of cutting instrument




A cutting instrument used mainly in orthopedic, ENT and in neurosurgery.

Sharp and one-sided beveled edges.

Chisel Meaning-

A tool with a long metal blade that has a sharp edge for cutting wood, stone, etc.


Used in Orthopedic, ENT, and neurosurgery

Its used with either mallet or hand

For the removal of bone graft from the iliac crest

Used in Saucerization

Used within dissection and resection of bone, cartilage in surgery.chisel

It varies in length and width according to the use.

To remove the bone slow and perfect slice for the surgeon needs.

Bone cutter

used for cutting bone and cartilage

Cutter with straight jaw and curved jaw


Bone biter, Liston bone cutting forceps, rib shears

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