Catheter mount Vs Fiberoptic Bronchoscope Mount

Catheter mount


Ventilator circuit

Anesthesia circuit


It is used in the ventilator circuit, anesthesia navigation system etc.

Avoid obstruction of the circuit.

It is expandable and retains its normal shape.

It is used to provide a continuous supply of gases and concentration of anesthetic gases with Ventilator Y connector.

Detailed explanation

It comprises a 15mm universal connector and 22mm connector. One end is connected to the patients’ end(Endotracheal tube or Tracheostomy) and another end is connected to the machine end(Y-end). collapsible and will have a flexibility with the circuit to avoid kinking of a circuit. extent and collide.

It has the port for suctioning to avoid leaking of the ventilator oxygenation or anesthesia gas.

The body of the lumen is coiled to collide and extend.

It is single use and recommended to use only in one patient, the mount must be discarded when the secretion or block. The length of the body will be around 15cm if the length increases the dead space will also increase.

Avoid maximum length of the mount to avoid dead space.

Another Name

It is available in the different name as the company manufacturer provides.

Fiber-optic Bronchoscope Mount

It mainly used Fiberoptic bronchoscopic procedures like Percutaneous Tracheostomy-PCT.

Mucus plug extraction.

Lavage and suctioning of Mucus from lungs.


Use of FOB mount is same as Catheter mount.

The FOB-Fiberoptic mount is used in Fiberoptic bronchoscopy procedures.


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