Bone wax for surgical purpose

Bone wax used to control bleeding from the bony structure. used is mainly in orthopedic, dental, ora facial and neurosurgery.

The natural substance made from beeswax. It is available in sterile kneadable sticks. This topic clearly describes the indication and usage, complication etc are discussed below for further information.


  • To stop bleeding during surgery and patch holes made in the skull
  • Mainly used in Ortho and Neurosurgery

bone wax

Products Description

Bone Wax sterile mixture of beeswax and isopropyl palmitate, a wax softening agent. Used to help control bleeding from bony surfaces. It can achieve local hemostasis of bone by acting as a mechanical (tamponade) barrier. It does not act biochemically and is minimally resorbable. Supplied in two sterile 2.5 g (0.09 oz) packets.

Its adhere to different shapes of bones and cartilage to control bone hemostasis.

Available both in absorbable and non-absorbable.

It is whitish yellow in color with metabolizing capacity

How to use bone wax

Use aseptic precaution for the application and handling of the wax on the bony structure. Take an adequate
amount of bone wax, manipulate with the fingers to soften, and apply to bone surface.
Optimum working temperature 21° – 23° C. Warm the wax ball before application either by manipulation of fingers or immersion of the wax balls into warm sterile saline.

It’s used often with the instrument called Periosteal elevator, which hold the materials and ease in the application on the bleeding structure.



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