Arteriovenous Fistula

Arteriovenous Fistula

Arteriovenous Fistula is the surgical procedure in which the anastomosis of the artery and vein. The main aim for continuous flow in the mainstream of the blood flow with the patient of chronic kidney disease. The fistula is created prior to surgical or for the Dialysis purpose.

Before the surgery

  • Prepare the heparin saline dosage is confirmed by the surgeons
  • Surgical eye loupes-for surgeons
  • Make sure the no iv fluid or fluid is given to the patient.

Disposable Itemsarteriovenous fistula

1.Blade 15 size  & Blade 11 size

2.syringe 20 ml 2 nos

3.Iv cannulae three different sizes pink 20G, yellow 22G/blue 24G and green 18 G 1 each

Note: remove the needle and use the only catheter from the iv cannulae

4.Vessel Loops  2 nos   (If arteriovenous grafting is done take a separate drape after the dissection is done, When ready for grafting.)

General instruments

BP handle 7 sizes or 3 sizes.

Adson fine forceps both toothed and non-toothed

Bowl, kidney tray.

Retractors -cat’s paw.

Fine scissor (Kilner scissors),

straight scissors fine –for suture cutting.

Needle holder


Micro instruments

Fine forceps –jewel forceps

curved microscissors,

Micro suture cutting scissors – Straight Vanas scissor

Microneedle holder


Note: take a separate the lint piece for the micro-instruments for arranging on the trolley.

Vascular instruments

Medium /small size vascular clamps ( DeBakey/satinsky)

DeBakey fine vascular forceps

Bulldogs  -straight and curved


Fine suture prolene 5-0 or 6-0 that surgeons preference

Surgical loops

[i]Note by for more Information.

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