Aquacel Ag Dressing

Aquacel Ag Dressing Products

Used in the exudate management in surgical wounds and laceration.
Hydrofiber wound supports wound healing by creating a moist environment that helps to protect peri-wound skin and reduces maceration.dressing with aquacel exuding chronic
and acute wounds

1. Manges exudates
2. Micro contour to the wound bed, minimizing dead space where bacteria can grow.
3. Manages infection
4. It sustains antimicrobial agents wound care products
5. Maintain moisture in the wound bed
6. It minimizes the pain

Aquacel with silver

Dressing in silver and ionic silver provides a rapid an effective sustained antimicrobial activity even against certain antibiotics-resistants bacteria, superbugs the main disadvantage of this types of dressing is causing acute wound kills superbugs and other MRSA and VRE within few hours after applying.

Foam dressing

It’s simple dressing which enhances the wound healing process with an adhesive silicone border foam. Specially designed to adhere to surrounding skin and non-adhesive areas.

Aquacel Ag surgical

It is a special type of dressing material to cover surgical Incision with waterproof viral and bacterial barrier.
It minimizing infection and blistering. Its the good comfort for patients for application after the dressing.

Aquacel Ag burns

It mainly designed for burns wounds

  • Detaches itself as the burn heals
  • It can be worn for up to 3 weeks
  • Available in different shapes
  • comfort to patients as well.

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