Urometer -closed urine measuring system

Instruction for use

  • Check the packing carefully, if found damaged, torn or pierced discarded pieces
  • wash your hand before the connection as per the hand hygiene techniques
  • wears safety sterile gloves before opening the sterile pack.
  • close the valve of the Urometer connection between the urine collection bag
  • Hangs the collection bag using the hangers strap provided horizontally.
  • Remove the safety sterile cap and connect to the urethral catheter.
  • For sampling use the sampling port provided on the tapered connector.
  • Drain out the urine using the bottom urine Urometer.
  • Drain out the urine from the measured volume into the collection bag.
  • check the urine volume periodically and drain into the collection bag and mention volume urine output on the nursing note.
  • Discard after use as per the biomedical waste management
  • Single use only and not use or resterilize.



Check the integrity of the device before use connection
between the urethral catheter and the tapered connection of the collection bag.

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