Medical Abbreviations starts with Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X

Q & R

QMP                Quality Management Programme (blood)

QMT                Quality Management Training (blood)

RNTCP             Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme

RHRC              Reproductive Health Response in Conflict Consortium

RR                   Relative risk

R&R                Rest and Recuperation

RRN                Relief and Rehabilitation Network

RVF                 Rift Valley Fever

RC/RC             Red Cross/ Red Crescent

RDRT              Regional Disaster Response Teams

RDT                Rapid Diagnostic Tests (for malaria)

RH                  Reproductive Health

RHA                Rapid Health Assessment

RCT                 Randomized controlled trial

RHR                Reproductive Health and Research


SAM               Services Availability Mapping

SARA             Service Availability and Readiness Assessment

SDMX            Statistical Data and Metadata Exchange

SPA                Service Provision Assessment

SQL                Structured Query Language

SC                  South-South Cooperation

STI                 Sexually Transmitted Infections

SAR               Search and Rescue

SAVE             Secondary Assessment of Victim Endpoint

Sd                  Shigella dysenteriae

SF                  Supplementary Feeding

SFP                Supplementary Feeding Programme

SGBV             Sexual Gender Based Violence

SMART          Standardised Monitoring of Relief and Transitions

SOP                Standard Operational Procedure

SP                   Sulfadoxine-Pyrimethamine

START            Simple Triage and Rapid Treatment

STD                Sexually Transmitted Disease

STI                  Sexually Transmitted Infection

SWOT             Strengths, Weaknesses, and Opportunities and Threat (analysis)

SRH                 sexual and reproductive health

SS                    Stainless Steel

S/S                  Sharp/Sharp

SSS                  Sugar Salt Solution

SCI                   Spinal Cord Injury

SSG                  Split Skin Graft


TB                              Tuberculosis

TALC                         Teaching Aids at Low Cost

TALL                         Technology-Assisted Lifelong Learning

TB                             Tuberculosis

TBA                          Traditional Birth Attendant

TEE                           Transesophageal echocardiography

TDR                          Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases

TFC                          Therapeutic Feeding Centre

TFP                          Therapeutic Feeding Programme

ThCMV                   Therapeutic vitamins and minerals

TLC                         Total Lymphocyte Count

TLIF                        Thoracic Lumbar Interbody Fusion

TENS                       Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation

TH                          Traditional Healer

TT                           Tetanus Toxoid vaccine


UHC                       Universal Health Coverage

UNDAF                  United Nations Development Assistance/Action Framework

URP                       Uniform Recall Period

U5MR                   Under-Five Mortality Rate

UNHCR                United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees

UHC                      Universal health coverage

UNICEF                 United Nation Children’s Fund

UNV                      United Nations Volunteer

USAID                   United States Agency for International Development

USCR                     United States Committee for Refugees

UTC                       Universal Time Co-ordinated

UNFPA                   United Nations Population Fund

USAID                    United States Agency for International Development

UNAIDS                Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS

UNDP                   United Nations Development Programme

UUIDs                   Universally Unique Identifiers

VEN                      Vital, Essential, Non-essential

VPN                      Virtual Private Network

WFH                     Weight-For-Height

WFP                     World Food Programme

WHO                   World Health Organisation

WHO/AFRO        World Health Organization Africa Regional Office

WHO/EHA          WHO, Emergency, and Humanitarian Action

WMA                 World Medical Association

WMD                 Weapons of Mass Destruction

WMMR             Weekly Morbidity and Mortality Report

WSM                 World Swim for Malaria

WTO                 World Trade Organisation

XDR-TB            Extensive drug-resistant therapy

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