Instruments used in surgical and basic hospital, Surgical instruments are the used commonly for the performing the several surgical procedures, all the instruments are used in the different department of the surgical and clinical properties.

Different Type of the Instrument by the category

Basic Surgical Instrument

The basic surgical instrument used in maximum all the departments including the wards, Operating Room, Intensive Critical Care, Minor OT, Emergency Departments etc.

Vascular surgery Instrument 

The instrument used in the vessels like the artery, veins, tendons etc. All the departments have these specialized instruments in case of bleeding and to control anastomosis. Example Bulldogs, Satinsky forceps, clamps etc. Micro-vascular surgery Instrument also comes under vascular surgery instrument.

Cardiac Thoracic surgery instrument

The instrument used mainly in cardiac surgery and thoracic surgery, a specialized instrument made in an ergonomic style for use only in the case of cardiac surgery like Thoracotomy, CABG, MVR, Bentall procedure etc.

Neurosurgical Instrument

The Instrument used in Brain and spinal cord surgical procedures come under this category. The section clearly explains many of the neurosurgical instruments sets, systems like Leyla retractors set, Greenberg retractor set etc.

ENT surgery instrument

Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) surgical instrument used for correction of abnormalities in the organs related to the department. Some of the set includes the septoplasty, tympanoplasty etc.

Ophthalmic surgery instrument

very fine and sharp instrument used in the departments of ophthalmic surgery. Special care must be taken to avoid instrument damage. Example corneal scissor, eye speculum etc.

Endoscopic surgery Instrument

Endoscopy includes the Different angle of endoscopy and Biopsy Forceps etc.

Robotic surgery Instrument

An advanced surgical method with a Minimal Invasive approach with less blood loss and tissue damage. The instrument made with good ergonomic design and differs from the laparoscopy Instrument. category of instruments same like the laparoscopy.

Laparoscopic Surgery Instrument

The Laparoscopy instrument long and extra care to take care. example of the instrument like Babcock forceps, Maryland forceps etc.

Pediatric surgery Instrument

This includes the same surgical instruments but the only size will vary according to the infants and pediatric surgical patients.


Retraction instrument is one of the important category used in retraction of the target organ or site. The retractor set includes the Deaver’s retractor, Thompson retractor set etc.






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