Surgicaltechie.com is the website blog created for the surgical technologist and operation theatre technologist, healthcare professionals working in the operation theatre and in Intensive Care Units.

In this site, you can feel free to go through all the topics, images and presentation freely.

All the topics mentioned on this site is fully taken notes from the books and guidelines during the author’s graduation. The Surgical Technologist is the best healthcare professional with the full training by the surgical practices and techniques.

Know more about surgical instruments, surgical equipment, surgical consumable, powerpoint presentations are prepared by the author can be accessed here according to the categories mentioned clearly. The surgical technologist is the responsibility for management of the surgical practices along with the surgeons and anesthesiologist.

Images and Data on this site

Images in this site are created by the authors and copyrighted, photos and images are taken during the surgical practices and scrubbing. Data in this are clearly created and edited by the author from his Five-year experience as surgical technologist including his academic career. Notes are purely created by referring many books related to surgical and clinical guidelines. any further queries and doubts

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