Gastrointestinal Lavage

PEGLEC  for gastrointestinal lavage

Gastrointestinal lavage is the bowel cleansing prior to colonoscopy, barium enema x-ray examination and in preparation for colorectal surgery


  1. Take a clean 2-liter container and empty the entire pack of PEGLEC(137.15)into it.

Note: For proper reconstitution of PEGLEC solution it is essential that the entire pack emptied without leaving any quantity of powder in the pack.

  1. Pour 1 liter of water into the container and stir well to dissolve PEGLEC completely
  2. Pour one more lite of water into the container to make it 2 liters of solution
  3. Then stir thoroughly to ensure complete dissolution

Now the flavored PEGLEC solution is ready for drinking. Flavors like orange and fruits flavors readily available.Gastrointestinal Lavage


  1. Pour the prepared solution into a cup (approx 200ml)

  2. Drink 200ml (one cup) at a time every 10-15 minutes so as to consume 1 lite of solution (five cups) in a maximum of 1-hour duration.

  3. Normally the first bowel movement may occur after about one hour from the start of drinking.

  4. Continue drinking the remaining PEGLEC solution even after the start of the bowel

Movement (in the same manner as shown in step 2).

The bowel movement occurs several times(5-8 times), during the administration of the remaining solution.

However, stop drinking when the stool changes into water-like (colorless or yellowish) and without any solid matter which is an indication of lavage being completed.


Potassium chloride 1.484 g .sodium bicarbonate 3.37g,polyethylene glycol 118.sodium chloride 2.983 g,
sodium sulfate 11.36 g/137.15g

Adult 1-2 lit of dissolved solution .max 4 liter

137.15 g dissolved in the solution.




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